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Stable Genius

Absolutely nothing wrong here. Of sound mind and morals...

Mar-a-Lago Elbow

The best way to treat golfers elbow? Keep playing. 91 times and counting.

Packing Junk
in the Trump

All Presidential food groups present:
grease, oil, fat, and fizz.
Absent: heart.

Shithole Shitholes

Grab'em by the passport & keep those shithole countries away from this shithead.


Who needs an Achilles' heel when you've got... BONE SPURS!

Take a Knee

Kneeling is unpatriotic, you don't need it. Take it out.


You Win!

You successfully removed all items from the President.
Now, remove the President from office.


You Lose!

You operated with too much fire and fury...
You've just nuked the planet.